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Americans are buying more and more electric vehicles, or EVs, because they are fun to drive, are cleaner, and save you money! Learn more…

What is the “TN Workplace Charging Partnership”?

What is Workplace Charging? The process of adding EV charging stations at businesses so that employees can charge their vehicles at work! This increases the driving distance that any EV can drive after work.

What is this Partnership? The “Tennessee Workplace Charging Partnership” (TWCP) is a new cooperative of nonprofits, state agencies and industry partners that are helping Tennessee businesses learn about and place EV charging equipment onsite!

How does EV charging work, and what are the types of charging equipment? Click here to learn about charging plug-in vehicles. (Goes offsite to the Alternative Fuels Data Center.)

Recent News Posts

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Tennesseans Partner for 2016 NDEW Events

Diverse partners across Tennessee are partnering to bring EV awareness events to cities from Memphis to Kingsport!  These events will take place between Saturday, September 10 and Saturday, September 17.


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  • Jonathan Overly speaks - DCFC @ Calloway Oil's E-Z Stop
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9 new DCFC units on eastern side of Tennessee

Thanks to Nissan, Calloway Oil of Maryville, TN and Brightfield Transportation Solutions (out of Asheville, NC) there are three new DC fast charge (DCFC) units in the greater Knoxville area that can quickly refuel electric vehicles (EVs). Working with the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition, these chargers have been at added in Knoxville,  Maryville and Lenoir City. All three sites are at Calloway Oil’s E‐Z Stop convenience stores (Exxon/Mobil):

  1. 8605 Walbrook Dr, Knoxville, TN 37923
  2. 1758 W. Broadway, Maryville, TN 37803
  3. 1111 US Hwy 321, Lenoir City, TN 37771

A grand opening event was held at the Knoxville location on August 18, 2016 to celebrate both these chargers and additional chargers that have been installed throughout East TN so far this year, thanks to the leadership of Nissan North America.

See the email and press release announcement for the event here.

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Why Install EVSE at my business?

  • Help employees (& local community) – enable them to drive an EV for their commute
  • Attract and retain forward-thinking employees
  • Serve as a leader in sustainability & earn LEED credits
  • Make employees happier to work at your company – help them reduce their carbon footprint
  • Help your community reduce emissions, “go green”

Watch Me – Workplace Charging

Learn more about how the Workplace Charging Partnership works, and visit with one of our existing partners, Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

How? Join the TWCP!

  • Watch the video below, read the 6 Steps to Workplace Charging, then contact us with any questions.
  • Join the Partnership! Click here for the one-page agreement that clarifies what you need to do. Just review and then we can help you make your company greener for your employees and Tennessee!

Meet TWCP Companies

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Paul MasseyCummins Filtration
Click here to access the statewide map of Tennessee Workplace Charging partners

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