We’re excited to announce that DriveElectricTN has a full-time coordinator! Virginia Salazar Buda was recently hired by and will work in the offices of ETCleanFuels, based out of Knoxville, where she will coordinate and manage Tennessee statewide initiatives that advocate for the use and adoption of electric vehicles. (DriveElectricTN is an initiative of a Tennessee-wide partnership that includes ETCleanFuels.)
Virginia resides in Johnson City, TN with her partner Doug, their children Miles, London, and two cats, Christof and Mister Weasley. Her family lives in an older home where a variety of scuff marks can be discovered on the surfaces of their bright, colorful walls and furniture.
Virginia believes that a home and work environment should be a comfortable place where vibrant, respectfully communicated opinions and scuff marks are welcome. She has an open-minded approach to problem-solving where everyone’s thought processes are valued.
Virginia‘s career and personal experiences, anchored in education, art, culture, and community-building, have brought tremendous personal joy and satisfaction. She’s grateful and determined to be included in the multi-faceted task of coordinating DET!
We’re absolutely thrilled to have Virginia on our team.
If you have questions or would like to speak to Virginia, she can be reached at: [email protected]

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