Knoxville, Tennessee Downtown Public Garage Updates EV Charging Stations, City Offers Free Charging

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to the popular downtown Market Square area with plenty of local businesses and restaurants. Nearby, in the Market Square public parking garage, electric vehicle (EV) drivers can find two new ClipperCreek units with four total plugs. Unlike the previous charging stations in those spots, the city

An “Emissions Swapper”: a Q&A with Eric Cardwell, KEVA president

Meet Eric Cardwell, an “Emissions Swapper” and a University of Tennessee alumnus with a master’s degree in electrical engineering who loves his personal electric vehicle – a Chevrolet Volt. He took the leap from owning an ICE to an EV because he hates gasoline and oil. Q: What can you
Eric Cardwell

Car Conversion King: a Q&A with Gary Bulmer, Knoxville

Gary Bulmer, a retired Captain of the NOAA Commissioned Corps, began considering renewable fuels in 1974, during the first gasoline shortage. From that point, he purchased his first hybrid vehicle in 2003.  Q: What event in your past might have turned out differently if you had been driving an EV?