It’s been a good year for engagement!

We had a lot of fun in 2019 by meeting and engaging with a lot of different people, and are happy to share our results.

The DriveElectricTN (DET) EV Experience™ is one of several projects that was spearheaded in 2019. These events are fun and engaging where attendees connect with local EV owners and auto dealership representatives to ask lots of questions without the pressure of having to buy anything.

During the events, participants can…

  • Ask questions from EV owners and dealership representatives
  • Learn about charging options
  • Explore the different types and models available
  • Discover how much money they can save on fuel and maintenance costs
  • And, test drive one or more EVs to experience the fun of driving electric

We look forward to meeting you during one of our future statewide DET Ride and Drive EV Experiences!

Be part of the conversation by becoming a DET member . For our free DET emails, sign up  today. You can also engage with us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information and to see how you can be involved, please contact DET’s coordinator, Virginia Salazar Buda, at  [email protected].  Thanks for being a part of DET!

2019 DET Ride and Drive EV Experience Results

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