Be one of the first 1,000 folks to receive a Tennessee DriveElectricTN Specialty License Plate! Sign up today!

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Our team is in the process of designing an DriveElectricTN (DET) Specialty License Plate where our goal is to secure a minimum of 1,000 registrants at $35 per plate for the program to succeed!

So why support this program? We know that you’re committed to a future of renewable energy, new and green technology and encouraging economic growth that adds more jobs for our state and addresses community health while also supporting the Earth’s environment through electric vehicles (EVs). And, because this stuff matters to you, DET needs funding to support the initiatives and programming that will be directed towards local and statewide EV educational initiatives and programming covering those topics through DET’s three pillars of work: INFRASTRUCTURE, AWARENESS and POLICIES & PROGRAMS.

Some examples of the programming you’re funding are the much-needed Community Outreach and Engagement Initiatives through in-person and virtual events.

Here’s a sampling of current and future programming:

  • Free In-person and Virtual Ride & Drives
  • Webinars that will cover a range of EV topics
  • Basic to advance technology
  • Economic impact and job creation
  • Transportation and health
  • Protecting our environment
  • Connecting and networking urban to rural local, statewide, regional and national leaders to initiate and develop EV action plans.

With your help, we can realize this future across our beautiful state and where rural and urban communities can educationally and technologically advance together.

For those who want to register now, before the design is released, please contact us. There are three of us on the list already!
YES! Put my name on the list and sign me up now at [email protected]

Q/A: What to Expect!

Q:Why should I support this program?
A: DriveElectricTN (DET) provides a range of EV initiatives and programming for the state. We have built a local to statewide communication network which has brought Energy Industry leaders to EV Enthusiasts together to meet and create EV momentum in your community. DET is managed by East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition, a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Your support, through this plate, is a visible and fiscal method to show your commitment in advancing EV statewide programming.

Q:How many plate registrations are needed for this program to succeed and what is the cost?
A: DET needs to secure 1,000 Tennessee registrations with a $35 per plate commitment in a limited timeframe. If we don’t meet our 1,000 commitments with a $35 dollar fee then the DriveElectricTN (DET) license plate program can’t exist.

Q: How much funding does DET receive from this $35 commitment?
A: DET receives 50% from the $35 funding. The rest of the funding is directed to the Tennessee Arts Commission who receives 40% and Tennessee’s Highway program who receives 10%

Q: Is this a one-time payment of $35?
A: Yes and No. We are asking that you commit to at least one year and to easily renew each year through a self-selected recurring annual $35 “plate registration” commitment during the state’s annual vehicle registration process.

Q: Who can sign up?
A: Anyone! And, you don’t have to own an electric vehicle (EV) and/or plug in electric vehicle (PHEV).

Q: Can I sign up now?
A: Sure! Currently there are three of us who have signed up! We only need 997 more!

Q: How long will it take before I get my license plate?
A: Once we secure 1,000 names and the $35 commitment per plate, we submit this information to the Tennessee Department of Revenue’s State office no later than May 2022. If we collect 1,000 names earlier than the May timeframe then the plate will become available sooner!

Q: Who manages the Specialty License Plate program?
A: The Tennessee Department of Revenue, a state agency, manages the license plate program. They provide program information, receive the names and payments that we provide and manage the license plate’s print production. When it’s ready to be officially released, we will contact you to pick your plate up at your local county clerks office. And the cool part is that it becomes a permanent part of our state’s Specialty License plate program!

Q: Can I see the DET plate design?
A: We’ve had several visual concepts submitted for review where we’re finally narrowing down to our official DET designed plate which will be released in April. Even though the plate design will be released in April, you can still pre-register today. Currently, there are three of us who have signed up! We only need 997 more! Sign up today by emailing [email protected]

Q: I like what I’m reading. How can I help promote this plate?
A: Thanks for wanting to help! Our biggest task is getting at least 1,000 people to say “YES” and collecting the $35. We are asking everyone to share this information with your network of friends, families and business associates. If you own and/or work for a business, we ask that you see if the company will advertise this program internally.

Be one of the first 1,000 folks to receive a Tennessee DriveElectricTN Specialty License Plate!

To learn more about the program, visit or call Virginia Salazar Buda, Project Lead, at 423-833-8474.

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