Libby Bittman is the Sales Director for ChargePoint, a leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure technology. She is also a proud owner of an EV herself. Here, we ask her some questions about why she chose her EV and how it adds value to her life.

Q: Who is Libby Bittman? What are some interesting facts about you?

A: 1. I used to be a pop star. Yes, really! I traveled the world singing and writing songs for other people, some that you may have even heard of! That’s also how I met my husband.  

2. I have two dogs and a cat that rules my life. One of my dogs lost both of his eyes to primary glaucoma when he was 7. He is a fearless ninja and needs ZERO help to find his way around; it’s unreal. He’s 11 now.  

3. I am very passionate about EV adoption. I would never own another gasoline-powered vehicle ever again. 

Libby Bittman, ChargePoint Sales Director

Q: What was the year you started noticing EVs? 

A: I saw my first Tesla on New Year’s Day in 2011. It was love at first sight!  

Q: What kind of EV do you drive? 

A: I have a gray 2017 Model X 75d and a red 2018 Performance Model 3. My husband fully spec’d the Model 3 to be a race car! It has a custom Ohlins suspension, Brembo racing brakes/rotors, and a custom body kit by Unplugged Performance

Q: Why did you buy this EV?

A: I used to work for Tesla as a sales manager, so it was a no brainer. I hated going to gas stations and having a car that I could plug-in from home could not be beaten. I chose my EV for the performance, autopilot features and range.

Q: Why did you take a leap from owning an ICE to an EV? 

A: Gasoline is gross.

Q: Is this EV your personal vehicle or a company car?

A: I got the Model X on a lease when I worked for Tesla. They reimbursed employees the leasing fees, and I received mileage. I still mostly drive my X for the work I do with ChargePoint. My husband got his 3 as a personal car, and he usually uses my X for his sound gigs when he needs to transport equipment.  

Q: Does your workplace offer charging? 

A: ChargePoint HQ in Campbell, CA does offer workplace charging!! I am a remote worker, however. I primarily charge at home.

Q: Does your partner love your EV as much as you do?

Libby Bittman, ChargePoint Sales Director with her Tesla Model X named “Millennium Falcon”

A: My husband and I equally love our cars. 

Q: Does your car have a nickname? 

A: Teslas have a feature where you name them when you buy them. Our Model X is named “Millennium Falcon,” and our Model 3 is named “Red 5.”  My husband named them both, and they’re named after ships in the Star Wars movies. 

Q: Did you have a unique experience with your EV that you can share? 

A: Both have been featured in music videos.

Q: Have you ever made a long road trip in your EV? 

A: Yup! It was SO RELAXING.

Q: What was your favorite thing about making the trip in an EV? 

A: Having a self-driving car is the absolute best!

Q: What was the biggest and most exciting surprise about owning an EV? 

A: Honestly, everything is just so awesome. Range anxiety is a complete myth. I’ve driven all over the US and had zero issues with charging my car in a timely fashion. 

Q: What is your favorite EV characteristic? 

A: Hands down, no gas. I think gasoline is yucky! 

Q: Do you currently have any concerns about current and future EVs? If so, what are they? 

A: The prices need to come down to become more accessible to everyone.

Q: What is the most frequent, or outrageous comment you’ve been asked about owning an EV? 

A: When driving the Model 3, I’ve been asked at stoplights how to mount an iPad on the dashboard “like mine”…lol. People cannot wrap their heads around how that’s just part of the car! 

Q: Would you buy another EV? If so, which one? 

A: Absolutely. The Porsche Taycan is at the top of my list!  

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