Big City. Big Vision. Raven Hernandez is a Tesla-and-motorcycle-driving organic gardener. She’s blazing a trail with her new company and big vision – EARTH rideshare. Raven Hernandez is the founder and C.E.O. of EARTH Rides.

Q: We like personal fun facts about our EV drivers. Can you share with us?

A: This is our dog, Petal. No, we don’t let her drive the Tesla in autonomous mode! Joking aside, she and her sister Violet are 15 years old and love rides in the Tesla more than ever.

Raven’s Tesla and her dog Petal

Q: What makes you uniquely, you?

A:  I’m always in a rush to accomplish things like graduating from High School at 17, the University at 20 and Law School at 23.

Q: What are the extra’s in your life that you personally enjoy?

A: Motorcycles! I love riding them to scope out other EV options. My favorite places to shop are Turnip Truck, Nashville Farmers Market and Clean Juice. I also grow cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, hot and sweet peppers, basil and an elderberry bush. Come catch me at the Tennessee Women in Green (TWIG) or Women in Cleantech and Sustainability (WCS) meeting!

Q: What kind of EV do you drive?

A: I drive a Tesla Model S Long-Range model, in all black. 

Q: Why did you buy this particular EV? Top three reasons please.

A: I love the range and the finishing touches, no silver trim, all black and dark grey, and the tinted windows. Not to mention, free supercharging for life!

Q: Why did you take a leap from owning an ICE to an EV?

A: The future is EV and the future is here.

Q: What event in your past might have turned out differently if you had been driving an EV?

A: Driving across the country, during our move, would have been at a more enjoyable pace because we would have spent more time enjoying the surrounding area.

Raven Hernandez’s TESLA that is used for Earth Ride (

Q: Most EVs have one unique character. What is your favorite EV character?

A: Being at the grocery story with my hands full of bags and opening the trunk, with my Tesla app, before I go outside.

Q: Is this EV your personal vehicle or a company car?

A: It’s a company vehicle for EARTH Rideshare.

Q: Can you tell us more about EARTH and your future plans?

A:  EARTH Rideshare offers industry leading transportation solutions that are both eco-friendly and great for your bottom line. EARTH Rideshare is a ride-hailing app that connects you with a driver in minutes. Just like Uber and Lyft but with all-electric vehicles. EARTH is currently utilizing Tesla’s line of electric vehicles but plans to add other vehicles from OEMs like Volkswagen, Nissan, Audi, Rivian and Polestar when they are released. And, when you plan a ride with us, a portion of each ride goes to planting a tree.

EARTH Rides is committed to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles where our future plans will be providing a new charging infrastructure that is similar to what people are used to. Our fleet will always be 100% electron and our future plans include switching over gas stations to solar powered EV charging stations that will have organic coffee bar, co-work space, organic & vegan food options, and education opportunities such as an EV car of the month showcased.

EARTH Station: the company’s future headquarters

Q: Do you currently have any concerns about EVs?

A: My only concern with EVs is making sure that communities most affected by climate change (a.k.a. frontline communities) have access to clean technology. I believe this will partly be solved once the used market is flooded with EVs. We’re also working on different business models that will help bring EVs to these communities and provide them with electric transportation and jobs.

Q: Would you consider leasing an EV versus buying one? What do you believe are the pros or cons of leasing an EV?

A. I wouldn’t, due to mileage restrictions when you lease a vehicle. Further, the depreciation of an EV isn’t comparable to internal combustion engines (ICE). What you put in to your electric car, you get back tenfold.

Q: Does your partner love this EV as much as you do? Can you share your happy and/or fun grumblings with us?

A: Mostly, we argue over who gets to drive!

Q: Did you have a unique experience with your EV?

OUR FUTURE and VISION for EARTH Stations: EV charging. Organic Coffee. Co-Working Space. Car Wash. Photo: CoWomen on Unsplash.

A: When we were charging, at a supercharger in Huntington, WV, we were approached by four people to chat about the car. They acted as if our vehicle was the first one that had ever used the EV charging station. I suspect that there aren’t too many Teslas in the area…

Q: Would you buy another EV? Is so, which one?

A: We’ve got a deposit down for the Tesla Cybertruck!

Q: If the sky was the limit and you could design an EV, what would be your top five must-have features? What would you name it?

A: Bench front row seat, to sit closer to my special someone, sunroof open all the way to the back seat, the “frunk” opening with a button like the trunk. My next EV would be a matte space grey, all-wheel drive truck named James.

For every Earth Ride you plan, part of the proceeds are donated towards planting a tree. Photo: Studio Dekorasyon on Unsplash

Q: Have you ever made a long road trip in your EV? What was your favorite thing about making the trip in an EV?

A: Six hours was my longest trip, with my dogs. We love taking charging breaks to walk the pups and eat our packed lunches. Charging may feel like an inconvenience but for us, it slows life down to its original pace.

Q: What advice would you offer about adding charging infrastructure?

A: Make charging stops fun by adding healthy food​ options, co-working spaces, car washes, etc. and add more charging infrastructure to primary and secondary corridors (direct current fast charging), urban, rural, workplace and home.

Q: Are you a member of an EV club? If so, can you provide the EV club’s name?

A: Yes, Tesla TN Group and Tesla Owners Club Atlanta

Have some fun and share with us! Submit your EV personal or company story to [email protected].

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