Dave Hrivnak is an EV Pioneer and a Subject Matter Expert, who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, traveling cross country in his EV and proving that there are plenty of reasons to buy-in! Check out this EV Q&A to see why he loves his EVs!


Q: What was the year you started noticing EVs?

A: When I converted my Avalanche to a plug-in hybrid and started to read about the Tesla Roadster in 2006.

These are the cars with the solar array we use to charge them in the background. 

Q: What kind of EV do you drive?

A: I have three EVs for all needs: the Chevy Volt for towing and errands around town, the Tesla Model 3 for most trips and the wife’s around town car and the Roadster for fun-spirited driving.

Q: Why did you buy these EVs? 

A: Environmental impact, lower fuel cost and a blast to drive!

Q: Would you consider leasing an EV versus buying one? 

A: To me, the leasing company has to make some money. That is extra money I would rather not give to them.

One thing I do is go to schools to talk about EVs and sustainability.   I try to leave some time towards the end as the kids love seeing the car they just heard about.  I have given Driving to Net 0 talks and a sustainability talk during “Engineers Week. ”

Q: Why did you take a leap from owning an ICE to an EV? 

A: The huge environmental benefits and resilience, as I can make my own “fuel,” made me want to take the leap.

Q: What is your favorite characteristic of your EVs?

A: FAST and it looks it. 

Q: Did you have a unique experience with your EV that you can share?

A: A cop stopped me to ask questions…no ticket! 

Q: What is the most frequent, or outrageous comment you’ve been asked about owning an EV? 

EV’s actually do great in the snow due to precise traction control. 

A: LOTS –  

“Does it catch fire?”  NO, it is actually 90% LESS likely to catch fire than a gasser. 

“How does it perform?”  Great as I watch the gassers fade in the rear-view mirror. 

They sometimes notice the tow hitch and ask if it can really tow, and I say yes and the hitch comes in handy when you tow a gasser to a gas station because the ran out of gas (true story!)

Q: Have you ever made a long road trip in your EV? 

A: Many! We have driven to Cleveland, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Tylertown, Mississippi and Houston, Texas all without issue or drama.

Our Volt has towed our camper to Glacier NP and many others.   It was cool to descend the mountain pass without having to use the friction brakes and “generate” 18 miles of EV range as we came down. 

Q: Are you a member of an EV club and/or hang out with other EV enthusiasts? If so, can you provide the EV club’s name? 

A: I am a member of the Knoxville and Asheville EV clubs.

Q: Do you attend EV events in your area? 

A: Yes, I coordinated 6 Ride and Drive events.

Q: What’s been the most unique EV charging experience you’ve had? 

A: Back in 2012, when charging was rare and new, we stopped by a Cracker Barrel with a charger across from a hotel and asked if we could charge on the way back home.  The manager said yes, but neither he nor I knew they chargers were shut down from 11 pm to 6 am, causing us an unfortunate delay.

Q: If the sky was the limit and you could design an EV, what would be your must-have feature?

A: An extension cord for SuperCharging so it is easier to charge when towing. 

Q: What was the biggest and most exciting surprise about owning an EV? 

A: They outrun, out handle and have more room than an equivalent gasser.  Then, after years of ownership, the maintenance is SO much less.

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