Knoxville, Tennessee Downtown Public Garage Updates EV Charging Stations, City Offers Free Charging

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to the popular downtown Market Square area with plenty of local businesses and restaurants. Nearby, in the Market Square public parking garage, electric vehicle (EV) drivers can find two new ClipperCreek units with…
workplace charging installation
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Details emerge about Tesla’s revamped workplace charging installation program

Medium- and large-sized companies can take advantage of charging station subsidies and guidance offered by the EV technology innovator Workplace charging is becoming a more and more attractive option for companies and commuters, as the costs…


WEBINAR: Preparing Rural Communities for Electric Vehicles, The User Experience: Utilities/EV Charging Stations

Tennessee Technological University (TTU) presents the 2021 Spring Webinar Series "Preparing Rural Communities for Electric Vehicles - The User Experience" through TTU's "EV Rural Testbed Project." Come register for these free webinars,…