Young and Hopeful: A Q&A with 14-year-old Noah Mills

Noah Mills, a 14-year-old electric vehicle (EV) supporter, has a clear vision about the importance of EVs. So much so that he is already investing. Noah Mills is 14 years old and is rather fond of EVs as he is of his five animals including…
Jack Goodwin stands to the left in a red Tesla hat and Susan Goodwin stand to right in a black Tesla hat taking a selfie.

The Tesla Couple: A Q&A with Susan and Jack Goodwin

Susan and Jack Goodwin personally own two Tesla Model 3 vehicles and have loved every minute of it. This is their EV story. Q: What kind of electric vehicle do you drive? A: “We have two 2018 Tesla Model 3s. Susan’s drives the Red…

Outrunning and Outhandling: An EV Q&A with Dave Hrivnak, EV Pioneer

Dave Hrivnak is an EV Pioneer and a Subject Matter Expert, who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, traveling cross country in his EV and proving that there are plenty of reasons to buy-in! Check out this EV Q&A to see why he loves…

From a Pop Star, Song-Writer to an EV advocate – a Q&A with Libby Bittman, ChargePoint Sales Director

Libby Bittman is the Sales Director for ChargePoint, a leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure technology. She is also a proud owner of an EV herself. Here, we ask her some questions about why she chose her EV and how it adds value…

100% “Charged Up” – a Q&A with Joe Ozegovich, a Memphis EV walk the talk leader

Big City. Big Vision. Raven Hernandez is a Tesla and motor cycle-driving, organic gardener. She's blazing a trail with her new company and big vision - EARTH. Raven Hernandez is the founder and C.E.O. of EARTH (a.k.a. EARTH Ride).

EVs and ethics: a Q&A with Daniel Siksay, environmentalist and philosopher

Daniel Siksay is an environmentalist, a feminist, and an accelerationist Marxist currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee. He holds a Masters in Philosophy from York University. He currently works as the Co-Coordinator of East Tennessee Clean Fuels.